2 Days Old!!

Here is our precious little gal at just 2 tiny days old... I hope to have a photo shoot like this every day!! just kidding... sort of!! she is so cute - I seriously cannot get enough of her!
I stare at her all day totally in love!!

And here are her handsome BIG brothers... isn't it crazy to come home from the hospital with a new baby and see your older kids have grown up overnight!!
They are so excited to have her home and they look at her and ask all the funny questions...
when is her belly gonna fall off? (umbilical cord) why does she have a ball chin? when will she get teeth? can she watch the movie with us? why doesn't she play with her doll? "can I hold the baby?" is my current favorite!!

these photos were taken by my good friend Amanda Stephan... www.amandastephanphotography.com

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